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We are affiliated with three online retailers at Doc's Guitar. Throughout the site you may see links indicating that a product is available from one or more of these retailers. We get paid a commission when you purchase products from our site, and this helps us offset the costs of keeping Doc's Guitar online.

We offer CDs and videos through; instruction books and videos through; and, instant videos from the PurpleShop. All of these firms are trusted names in e-commerce and you can buy from them with peace of mind.

Please note: each of these vendors have separate shopping carts. You may need purchase from more than one vendor to purchase all the items on your shopping list.

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CDs and DVDs:

We offer CDs of Doc's recordings and DVDs of performance videos that feature Doc through our Amazon Affiliate account. We chose Amazon for these products because they offer the largest inventory of these items to be found anywhere, and usually keep all these items in stock.

Amazon Product Links on our site:

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Instruction Materials: Sheet Music Plus

We offer instruction books and DVDs through Sheet Music Plus. This company sells exclusively online and carries music from more than 1,000 publishers. They also offer sheet music online. Because they have such a large inventory, Sheet Music Plus is a great place to shop.

Sheet Music Plus Links on our site:

Sheet Music Plus Book purchase link

Sheet Music Plus Book/CD purchase link

Sheet Music Plus DVD purchase link

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Digital Video Catalog

Our Digital Video Catalog is the newest addition. It is a Purple Platform shop and gives you access to digital video products from Homespun Tapes, Stefan Grossman and many other publishers. It features instructional and performance videos by Doc as well as other well known guitarists.

Digital Video Links on our site:

Doc's Guitar Instant Digital Download Link

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